Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up, Up and Away

Last night my head leaped from a car window. The wind inflated my cheeks like gills on a fish. My eyeballs turned sticky from the chill in the air. My belly fizzed a romantic bubbly. We were two people, traveling just below the canopy of southern Appalachia. I was already home. Squinting at the thought of us maybe in the distance. Here, carriaged by four cylinders, secretly wishing we would drive forever.

Events start and stop. Pleasure spreads ripples through our memories. Simon and Garfunkel lend us their tune. The best parts are when you are singing. The harmony of all this double-bounces my heart right out of my mouth. My lips erupt their precious secret, "let's keep falling higher and higher. Life's balloon gave me this one string. And the levity of you pulls my whole world up, up and away."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clouds crash

Yesterday, the clouds were crashing. A twisted tree pointed to the fray, so proud of its discovery. The heaven's mumbled as what was once fluffy fell to its knees. Swords of thunder ripped through the sky like rocks through rice paper. The ground did not peep; so brave was its position, beneath an armor of history so thick and pure. A rabbit finds shelter as his nose twitches the news. Birds ruffle patiently behind eyes that seem to yawn. Forming a chorus of "this too shall pass", we listen for the sun together.