Thursday, January 28, 2010


Gather around me oh blessed creatures
i wish to eat you one by one
My eyes are the fork i use to pluck you
My ears slit your throat and stab in the chest
Your blood is my gravy that beats deep inside me
Your skin is my trophy your bones to my drum
I suckle the cobalt that winks on your feathers
I marvel the whispers that creak from your beak
I nuzzle the talons and gnaw on your skullcap
My teeth are stained with the fat from your lips

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The color of winter

Winter touches me. I feel her snow between my fingers. The air of winter is always listening. Its shiny crystals carry our words like some heraldic message. Even the sun can hear the sermon reflected in its light. Lungs paint stories like chimney smoke from the heart. All is written in the winter with a giant charcoal pencil. White, so thick with color, like a cardinal in the snow. Icicles drip from rooftops, their pipes a grand cathedral. The forest floor remembers, each footstep is not forgotten. Winter knows every moment, every breath, every color, every drop. When she tilts, it all matters!