Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How vivid was this confidence

How vivid was this confidence that brought you up this mountain. So high we stand together, faces cradled in the wind. Fearless hope keeps your wondrous eyes from peeking. Vaulted more by a simple press of tiptoes from the edge. A giant valley of doubt lays crumpled far below us. We come from the bottom. Baptized in her river. Time-and-again our squishy boots have squeaked their way home. For years the spine rested in the shape of a question. Now with nerves untwisted, we form a proud exclamation. Here, drink love's water, from my roots to your branches. Under our tree, we cast this blanket. Nibbling on the fruit of our dreams. Together, up here, among the raptors, where the air feels its purpose.