Monday, October 27, 2008

Memory's Tower

Oh memory's tower, how long overdue is this inspection? Today, I behold thee, my monument to passing. You are my stronghold, my bastion of definition. Without your comfort I fade to oblivion. So tall you reach higher with each day lived fully. Overlooking a forgetful sea, you stab through night's curtain, my beacon of meaning. Every stone a story, each crack a tear. Today, I find your foundation lacking, empty spaces once filled with something. Who takes your stones away? Where are these cursed vandals hiding? So busy is my stacking, day-upon-day. I never imagined you would grow so tall, nor crumble so freely.

From memory’s tower, I survey my intentions. Is my seasoned life too salty? Do I corrode forever’s cement? How long can you stand proudly against this churning? How far will you guide me through these winds? You are my rock, my anchor, my tall, proud captain. Memory’s tower, I salute thee. How blessed I am to know you. How thankful to not forget.


Chris said...

This is so true. Memory is a seemingly strong and towering structure, yet it erodes through the years and becomes weak and faulty. I think you captured this so accurately that you really couldn't expand upon what you already said.

Heather said...

another year has passed...the perfect ode to memory...the perfect posting for a most perfect 32nd birthday!

Claire said...

you capture this so accurately. yet i want to forget sometimes... and then i wonder why it does not corode faster.