Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There is this 'other' side of things.
I repeated to myself intentionally.
The second time spoken in the opposite direction.
Our shadow shines bright in the other of places.
Our frowns turn joyful across a mirror's divide.
Confusion turns crystal behind the fabled door.
Sadness migrates to tickle a belly.
Fear sprouts a sunflower tending to bees' children.
And as thunder crouches,
behind the veil,
rainbows are waxing.
I suppose,
when juxtaposed,
it all equals one.


Maria said...

I love this, love the visual of it. I have no words for it other than thank you for writing it. I think this can be the foundation for a good kids game/story, something, in the garden, hmmm.
Do you mind if I springboard off this sometime?

jtrue said...

thanks Maria, and Please do!